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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  November 10, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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detained against their will because of a dispute over their bill. they say some of their ordeal was captured by a hidden cell phone camera. karen gray houston is live in the newsroom with the story and more video. >> reporter: there are eight young men involved in this lawsuit, and they say they were mistreated by club security members and some moonlighting police officers. these pictures are compelling and take know by a young man who was inside the room at the time that evening and from his cell phone. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> reporter: there are no clues on the website that you night expect problems. it says the club denies the right to allow entrance on any night for any reason. [ indiscernible ] >> and -- >> listen up! >> it was not -- with the money. >> everybody in here is going -- >> we watched the video with him. he took the video and said he and a group of his friends were hauled off from a reserve table
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and vip area when court claimed that they roe owed 690 -- they owed $690 for liquor. >> we were held hostage, three hours that we were there and it was getting to the point where we feared for our safety. >> reporter: he said he was handcuffed and he and several friends were detained by club security and some offduty police officers. >> am i being charged with anything? >> reporter: we talked to three of the young men and they said -- thrust one member of their group to go to an atm to get $690 in cash before letting them go. >> and you can't simply lock people up in a room in a night club because you think without any evidence they committed the crime. >> reporter: the story sounds unbelievable. the club's have their own theories about why it happened. >> thigh said -- they said somebody took a bottle and we have to come up with the mean.
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if nobody comes up with the mean, everyone is going to be arrested. >> they were trying to take our money. we're young professionals looking to have a good time and they taking advantage of us. >> reporter: we dropped by ibizo this afternoon but no one answered the door. the club's website said it's open on thursdays, fridays and saturdays. and we would love to get the club owner's side to the story, however, the city's alcoholic beverage listed the 16 owners, unsuccessfully, and we tried to reach them by phone. >> the city is being sued. have we heard from the police department or anyone about the officers' alleged involvement and what kind of damages are they seeking? >> we went to the city's top lawyer. we called the attorney general's office a couple of times and got no response back. the young men in this case are seeking compensaitory damages of $1 million, and they want
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p.j.s of $1 million to discourage behavior like this. thank you. major developments in the chandra levy murder trial. the prosecutors dropped two charges against guandique, the man charged with levy's murder and then the prosecution rested their case. there was a bomb shell testimony from an expert witness who told the injury about a dna link between gary condit and levy and paul has more. >> reporter: it was quite a surprise when prosecutor amanda haines stood up and said that the prosecution was going to rest. and she then admitted to the judge that they were going drop two charges, an attempted sexual assault charge and a murder charge. the defense said that, judge, we would like the case to be dismissed. the judge denied that request from the defense; how far,
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there are still four charges. a kidnapping charge, robbery charge and the biggest surprise came from a witness for the fbi when gary condit took the stand, he cooperated with the government and answered the questions when asked why he never admitted having an affair with chapped levy, he told the prosecutor he won't out of respect story if her privacy and after questioning, condit refused to answer questions about the affair and the judge never forced him to. if there were questions about the rap, they were erased today when an fbi examiner told the court he found gain condit's semen in a pair of her panties, underwear seized from her pardon me in 2001, he in hopes the items would solve the mystery of her disash appearance. condit is not facing charge, but at one time, was a prime
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suspect and allen juicety told the court he found no dna recovered from the crime scene in may of 2002 and when the same items were tested six years later, dna from an unknown male was discovered on her tights. dna excluding guandique and kind it -- condit. the prosecution insists that was handled by someone in the park but the defense believes it belongs to the real killer. guandique is accused of killing is serving a 10-year sentence for attacking two female joggers in the park around the time of the disappearance and this is moving swiftly. we expected the prosecution to have witnesses all through today and even through friday. the judgeel to the jury that the case won't come back to
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them until next monday. they will present more witnesses on monday and we're likely to see closing arguments on tuesday and the jury getting in the case by wednesday morning. laura. >> a question here. the dna problems there with the two different or maybe -- dna that is not guandique, is that going to ruin the case for prosecution? >> the prosecution knew about this all along. that is something they can't ignore. the defense can raise questions about it and to the jury. it's going to have to hang out there. they don't know who is -- whose dna that is. the prosecution believes that that was tainted by someone who handled it, someone in law enforcement who handled it after being taken out of the park in 2002. the defense wants the jury to believe that that was the
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killer. and you wanted -- if they believe that it was qu -- guandique. is blogging from the trial and log on to for his up-to-the-minute updates. the news edge on maryland where police are searching for a man wanted for sexual assault. look at this sketch. police say this man grabbed a woman, threatened her with a weapon and sexual assaulted her. this happened at 7:00 on wednesday night. the police say this guy was wearing a red-hooded sweatshirt and sweatpants. if you have seen him call police. more than 1300 maryland drivers could be behind the wheel illegally. the state beyond it revealed problems and officials are reviewing more than 10,000 licenses with eight violation points -- they being reviewed manually and that shows the electronic data base left the
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personal information vulnerable to theft. startling new information about that filed mail bomb plot. we're learning where the bombs were set to detonate and which state's on the east coast could have been affected. and did scientists sent the ban on offshore oil drilling? why it appears the white house altered the court to get its way. and how a plan to cut the nation's deficit could hit social security recipients hard. ananiges
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>> a mail bomb intercepted in england could have exploded over parts of the northeast u.s. the british police say the device was timed to detonate about seven hours after the u.p.s. flight carrying it left britain for the u.s. so on that track, the explosion would have happened over upstate new york, eastern pennsylvania or southern new jersey. the inspector general said the white house altered a drilling ban report.
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the edited report made it appear that test iss and experts supported the idea of a six-month ban on new drilling. the interior department's inspector general said the changes resulted in the implication that the moratorium recommending a had been peer- reviewed. the problem was that it was not. the scientists were only asked to review new safety measures for offshore drilling. a plan to cut the nation's deficit could hit those who receive social security very hard. and that proposal reduces annual cost-of-living increases and would set a tough target for curbing the growth of medicare error error and recommends look at eliminating popular tax breaks like mortgage interest deduct. the cuts are part of a sweeping proposal to get $1 trillion plus budget deficits under control. still ahead, a community coming together to -- together to help veterans in need. >> the truck -- trek -- trek is the path to independence for an american hero.
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we'll take you inside the home of a soldier fighting a -- finding a way to keep fighting. a disgraced general gets a new job. whicharily helped him land on his feet. this this is going to make people jealous. google is reminding 20,000 employees how much they're appreciated. they're all getting 10% raises next year. the move is an attempt to prevent current employees for leaving the company for rivals like facebook. it pen% -- 10% of facebook employees are former google staffers. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] bursting with mouth-watering real fruit and refreshingly blended with creamy,
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>> retired army general stanley mccrystal has a new job. he's been appointed to the board of new york-based jet blue airline. the general ended his 34-year
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military career after president obama fired him from his roll as commander of u.s. forces in afghanistan. his termination came after the disparageing comments he made about vice president joe biden and other administration officials in a rolling stone magazine article. our troops who serve on the front lines make sacrifices many of us can't understand. on this veteran's day eve, one virginia man is getting a show of appreciation making an extraordinary sacrifice in iraq and now he's back home. the people who care about limb and some strangers are working to make his new life as easy as possible. beth parker shows us how. >> reporter: he's been on a journey. >> i get to go home. >> reporter: he was serving in iraq and shot in the neck by a sniper and is paralyzed from the shoulders down. with the help of a non-profit called homes for our troops,
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plus, dozens of businesses and individuals, he has a new house. >> people, when they look at this house, i don't want them to see my house. i want them to see the american spirit is alive and well. >> reporter: it was very important to bunchy to be in the place where he feels at home. herees inemmed in the blue ridge mountains, a -- nestles in the blue ridge mountains and the real magic begins at the front door. they were not just building a house but restoring his independence. >> things are normally small tasks for people like flipping on the light switch and young the doors. it's like climbing the mountain for me. >> reporter: the lights and fireplace are voice activated. >> he just needs to say door open and that will open for him. >> reporter: martha is the mother of one of bunky's
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childhood friends and they're general contractors who generated their time. >> what ms. that -- has that meant for to you do? it's been the sig will most rewarding project. >> reporter: homes for the troops has built 81 houses heading toward the goal of 100. >> we can't stop until we can say mission accomplished and there are about a thousand soldiers and maroams that would qualify and need this housing and as americans, we need to look at that and say a thousand? we can get there and do that. >> reporter: they're looking ahead like bunky would. beth parker, fox 5 news. awesome and they do deserve yet. veteran's day as we mention side tomorrow and today was a special day for a particular group of soldiers and sailors. the ground-breaking for the first national monument dedicated to veterans who were disableed in war and speaker nancy behose -- pelosi joined others to do the honors and this is located in the
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botanical gardens and there are more than 3 million veterans lifing with disabilities because of the wars they fought in. pretty tough to talk about that. >> and -- getting all close up. what a beautiful home. >> absolutely. >> i love it, beautiful. >> i am sure you will enjoy it. >> i hope he does. what a beautiful effort. >> and it was gorgeous. >> and i think back to veteran's day, we had a foot in d.c. >> oh, my gosh. >> and bring it up. i said that could be a dusting of snow in the suburbs north and west and i'm promising -- promising you that is not going to happen but a beautiful day and continuing the trend we have had the last few days and doesn't that feel wonderful with the brilliant blue sky? finally, they have the appropriate backdrop and temperatures are comfortable, 59 in d.c.; 48, manasses;
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peach, dulles and martinsburg and in win chester and cumberland and that is not bad. new york city, 50 degrees; binghampton, 45 and chicago is warmer at 62 and we'rously of high pressure and the north wind and we'll stay in the 60s and that fools fonaft -- fantastic and there will be a few clouds to the east of us and clearer skies in the suburbs and frostier for you. 44 degrees for the district and we continue the pattern of chilly nights and our veteran's day is looking fantastic tomorrow and sunny and nice, 62 degrees and cooler than today. pretty much because the wind direction will ship by -- shift by a few degrees and that is more of a northeast wind and may not be as warm and still 62 without a breeze. really feels very, very nice and primarily saying -- here and there to the east, 8 in the morning, 48 degrees.
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by noon, 58; and by -- on. [ indiscernible ] 61 degrees and a beautiful thursday. it's been a fast week, hasn't it? >> and waiting for this pattern to get kicked out of here and a few more showers and clouds coming from the huge area of low pressure and continuing to drift away and we have the sunshine and we'll watch for high pressure to build in and getting ready for the first accumulating snow in denver, beginning late tonight and tomorrow. and that is priming the pump for what will be a long winter and the ski resorts are happy and denver is getting 1 to 3 inches, the cascades, and it drops into the teens at night seeing icy slushy conditions. we have the beautiful pattern continuing here and notice our owling storms are out there and skimming the coast with a few clouds and that is out of there after we get through the period on friday and looking beautiful. the frontal system and that has
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some rain with it and believe by the time it battered new, there is not going to be much left in the way of showers and we'll have to wait for that to get to the east and install and next week, that becomes the railroad track for a more potent storm to come up and bring us rain on tuesday. we continue with the five-day forecast and notice the warming trend. mid-60s, and i think that is fantastic. we're on a roll here. yes, we are. >> loving it. >> and enjoying every minute of it. thank you very much, sue. >> the redskins star on a special teams is out with an injury. in sports, find out who could know up filling the shoes of brandon banks. and all, have to show you this. check out the aerials of the feeding frenzy in australia and this is a pack of tiger shots that is spotted. officials are warning as long as that car cas remains in the area, there -- carcass, there will be sharks nearby.
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fishermen and boat paters are told to stay away. inus
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>> good afternoon, i'm dave feldman. the injured running back clinton portis and ryan terrain practice today. mike shanahan said that they were sore and that he did not get a lot of reps because of tightness and -- who is on that practice squad. they begin prep for monday night's game against philadelphia. neither simpson nor davis has a carry. brandon banks returned a kickoff for a touchdown and in week 8 against the lyons. he injured his knee in the game, suffering a meis in cus tear and under-- meniscus tear. he was expected to miss two to three weeks. today, he said there is a
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chance to play on monday. if he can't go, receiver anthony armstrong volunteered his services and got plenty of reps and in training camp. he returned to kickoff and is not lacking confidence. >> i'm fascinated with him. go on now. and he -- a little more than -- and. [ indiscernible ] i do whatever i'm told to do and do i -- . [ indiscernible ] i throw one, too. >> and do whatever. >> and michael vick returned from his week 4 rib injury against the skins and led the eagles to a 26-24 victory and passed for 218 yards and average the nfc offense of player-of-the-week award and come to fed ex on monday and a former eagles quarterback. a great win in the first game
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and looking forward to the second opportunity and that gives us another opportunity to look forward and we're going to be battling throughout the week to get ourselves prepared and to have a great game. >> the redskins play monday night on my 20 and host the eagles. kickoff is at 8:30 and following the game is the post games show and join lindsay murphy and myself as we recap the action. the new look maryland terrapins tipped off the season with a convincing between-point victory and they make it two in a row and he goes head-to-head and against a good friend. >> charleston beat north carolina last year and they're well-coached, bobby clemons there and formerly georgia tech and they know how to play. they made the third most -- in
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the country and are a good offensive team and that is another test for the defense. >> and good luck to gary and the guys and beaten out by scott roland and tonight, the nats willup fail new uniforms and we'll show you them at 10:00 and gilbert arenas is a gametime division as thigh host yao ming and the rockets. and that is worth look at. let's go. >> and that is. we go through the long, dry stretches and people saying we need rain and we're in good shape and will get rain next week and for the meantime, it's beautiful, laura. >> love it, too. thank you very much. now you have the news edge. the news is all on see you back here at 10.
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